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The best experience ever, Alfredo will share his stories and memories from growing  up in rural and wild Huatulco while making amazing meals with recipes he inherited from the woman in his family.


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Winter 2019

Traditional Mexican Cooking Classes

9:30. m. - 1.30 m.

La Bocana, Huatulco, México

Detalles del evento

Winter 2019

Traditional Mexican Cooking Classes

Mi Cocina

In this class we take the approach of “what’s cooking in the kitchens of Mexico” We’ll prepare delicious dishes based on the “three sisters” and Huitlacoche, which was once a royal food, as we create a feast of classic Mexican favorites that are always present in any respectful cocina. These include refried beans, red and green salsas, guacamole, hand-made tortillas, quesadillas with empazote, sopes, and empanadas. 

Price: $75 per person.

*gluten free *vegetarian *vegan

Spicy Passion

One of the most festive dishes in Mexican cuisine is the star of this class. You’ll learn the techniques necessary to create perfect Chiles Rellenos. We’ll make Chicken Tinga and Beef Picadillo to stuff roasted poblanos and jalapeño peppers to complement this festive dish.

Price: $80 per person

*Gluten Free


Oaxaca’s coastline provides amazing seafood. We’ll create a ceviche with freshly caught fish and a shrimp stuffed avocado which could be your next starter back home. The main dish on this menu will be the catch-of-the-day with a guajillo pepper sauce as a perfect marinade for the pescado a la talla

Price: $80 per person 

*gluten free

De La Abuela

Oaxaca is the land of the seven moles, in this class we’ll create the Chichilo that goes perfect with game meats and the tasty Green Mole with Pork, Beans Soup with Epazote complement these two gluten free moles. 

$85 per person

Holy Mole!!

That’s the expression that will come out of your mouth when we finish the most complex dish in Cocina Oaxaqueña, “El Mole Negro” or Black Mole. Close to thirty ingredients are cut, roasted, fried, boiled, blanched, peeled, deveined, mashed and ground to create the most embraced Mexican sauce. We’ll also make the more every-day yellow mole which is not as complex, but just as tasty!

Price: $85 per person 

*gluten free *vegetarian


Both happy and sad celebrations used to call for important dishes such as Tamales. We’ll assemble and create the best Verde de Puerco and Yellow Mole with Chicken made from scratch to stuff out tamales wrapped in corn husks and banana leaves. 

Price: $85 per person

Shop & Cook

We’ll walk La Crucecita to visit local fish-shops, butchers, farmers and street vendors to get the ingredients create food to feed our souls with traditional Mexican recipes.

*gluten free *vegetarian *vegan $95 per person


This class was created upon frequent request to learn the recipe of the famous Shrimp Stuffed Pineapple found in beach restaurants in Huatulco; the best-selling starter at Alfredo’s, the Jalapeño Poppers, and the sexy Passion Fruit Ceviche 

$85 per person

Pochutla Market & Culinary Tour

We depart at 9:00 am, stop in La Crucecita and visit an eatery for breakfast where local authentic food is cooked over wood, tortillas are freshly made and if you want to give a try of making one is totally cool, we can also help make a salsa there; then we’ll go off to Pochutla (about 50 minutes) to visit the market, here we walk the adjacent streets to the mercado where vendors from all over the small villages come to sell their products, we can also sample some food here and buy some very cool and useful handcrafted cooking utensils. Then we’ll drive back to Santa Maria to visit the mezcal factory to learn and hopefully experience the process of making this amazing spirit; well stop in Santa Maria or in La Crucecita for lunch. We should be back by 3:00 pm. 

$120 USD per person. 

Notes - We require a minimum of two people per class.

- * upon request

- The ingredients can change, depending on availability and freshness 

- Please inform us in advance if any participants have food allergies so that we can avoid any ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. 

- The payment can be cash, USD, CND or MX Pesos.

Contact: Alfredo Patiño Ramirez

Contact: Email: wahacacooking@hotmail.com

Cell. 958 124 4830  

9:30. m. - 1.30 m.

La Bocana, Huatulco, México


Alfredo will create a memorable evening with amazing meals, he will make sure you have the best experience ever.

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