Lots of fun while prepping our meal


The best part is that we get to enjoy what we make!

The best experience ever, Alfredo will share his stories and memories from growing  up in rural and wild Huatulco while making amazing meals with recipes he inherited from the woman in his family.


Join us for a memorable day you'll remember forever.

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Winter 2018/19

Traditional Mexican Cooking Classes

9:30. m. - 1.30 m.

La Bocana, Huatulco, México

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Winter 2018/19

Traditional Mexican Cooking Classes


Fiesta de Pueblo (Gluten Free, Vegetarian, could be Vegan) Black Beans, Red Salsa in Molcajete, Green Salsa, Guacamole, Hand-made Tortillas, Quesadillas with Epazote, Sopes, EMPANADAS 

Spicy Passion (can be Gluten Free) Red Salsa with Morita Pepper made in Molcajete, Chicken or Beef Picadillo, Stuffed Chiles Poblanos & Ancho peppers, White Rice, Hand-made Tortillas

Costa/Seafood Red Salsa made in Molcajete, Stuffed Avocado with Shrimp, Fish Ceviche, Fresh Fish grilled with “Talla Sauce”, White Rice, Talla Sauce, Hand-made Tortillas

Holy Mole Black Mole with Chicken, Yellow Mole with Beef Quesadillas for Snacks, White Rice, Hand Made Tortillas

Tamales- Tamales de Mole Negro in banana leaves, Tamales de Yellow Mole in corn husk, Yellow Mole from scratch, Hand-made tortillas

De La Abuela- Mole Chichilo with Smoked Beef Ribs, Green Mole with Pork Ribs, Beans soup with Epazote and Nopal Cactus, Handmade Tortillas

Fusion-  Stuffed Pineapple with Shrimp, Fish Ceviche with Pinneaple, Jalapeño Poppers

Barbacoa- Lamb Barbacoa, Green Salsa, Refried Beans, Handmade Tortillas

Custom Culinary Adventure Tour- You will be guided to off the beaten path places where you’ll enjoy the local food, prepared the traditional way that’s been done for generations, we will also visit local markets and food shops, this tour is customized to your request upon availability.

Notes - We require a minimum of two people per class 

- The ingredients can change, depending on availability and freshness 

- In any allergy cases, we require to be informed in advance, so we can avoid using any ingredient of risk. 

- The payment can be cash, USD , CND or Pesos. 

- Prices: $75 USD per person per class, $100 CND, in pesos the exchange rate of the day of the class will be used. Price per extra person eating: $10 USD. 

- Custom Culinary Tour $120 USD per person, minimum of 4 people required

9:30. m. - 1.30 m.

La Bocana, Huatulco, México


Alfredo will create a memorable evening with amazing meals, he will make sure you have the best experience ever.

Contact us to create the perfect menu.

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Wahaca Cooking Food Services

Paseo La Bocana Copalita, Huatulco, Oaxaca Mexico

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